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Easy To Whip Up Breakfast Protein Shakes Recipes For Children

Trusted online source for healthy recipes for kidsKids who are already attending formal education will have to face various hectic tasks every day. As such, it is important for them to start their day right with a good breakfast.

Unfortunately, making sure that kids enjoy a good, hearty, and healthy breakfast can sometimes be a difficult chore. This is especially true if the parents are working and have to rush to their office every morning, too. The good news is that are many healthy breakfast recipes that are easy to whip which your kids will enjoy and won’t make you and your children late for school and the office.

Protein Shakes For Kids

Quick and easy to whip up protein shakes are delicious and loaded with nutrition to last through a busy day. If you’re looking for recipes for protein shakes for children that they will enjoy, here are some of them:

Yogurt and fruit blends. The easiest protein shakes in the world consist of frozen or fresh fruits and low-fat yogurt in the blender. Yogurt is a good source of protein and calcium. By opting for a low-fat version, you ensure heart-healthy habits and better weight maintenance for your kids. For a rich, creamy, and tasty shake, toss in fresh or frozen strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or a berry mix and pulse or blend until the drink is smooth. If your kids aren’t too picky with his or her food and beverages, add some mangoes, bananas, pineapples, and even carrots or other vegies that they like.

complete online source for healthy recipes for kidsAdd some eggs. According to studies, at every age, protein should compromise between 10 and 30 percent of a kid’s diet. This is crucial for building strong muscles, boosting immunity, and giving them energy. Eggs are one of the readily available most complete sources of protein. If you’re not comfortable with adding raw egg in the shake, you can use egg substitutes. Use them to make morning eggnog, flavored with a little vanilla and sweetened with stevia or honey. You can also sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg across the foamy top for an authentic eggnog flavor.

Include soy. Lastly, soy is a valuable and safe source of protein for vegetarian and vegan families and for kids who don’t tolerate cow’s milk well. Soy milk and soy yogurt combine to make a great base for a protein shake. You can then add kiwi to your blender for a fun, green shake dotted with tiny black seeds. You can also create a shakes with blueberries and pomegranate juice for purple protein.

About the Author:

Jennifer Nielsen is a nutritionist and mother of three. She recommends getting more protein shake recipes for children on the website of PediaSure Arabia.


Start The Day Right With These Healthy Breakfast Ideas

healthy mealsBreakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day. People are aware of it but they seem to ignore the message. Some say it’s not true, some say they feel better when they just have their favorite orange juice or their cup of coffee. But health experts say that breakfast is what helps your mind focus. It’s what gives you energy. But why do some people still avoid it?

One common reason you’ll hear from people is that their breakfast started to become dull. And rather than having breakfast, they’d rather wait for lunch and enjoy a meal at their favorite restaurant or fast food chain. But actually, people don’t have to feel this way about breakfast. You could enjoy a breakfast by whipping up something healthy and new.

1. If you love having cereals in the morning, don’t go for the usual cereal you eat every day. Try something new; for example, high-fiber cereal. It’s not only delicious, it’s healthy. You can reduce 10 percent fat just by eating it. If you think this is too dull, a good idea is to add up soy milk in it; or half soy milk, half regular milk.

2. Go vegan. A healthy meal should have more protein in it and less fat. You can have this for breakfast by crumbling up tofu and sautéing it, add turmeric for coloring and flavoring, and add soy sauce, cilantro and pepper. You can eat it like this, or add brown rice to it, or spread it over a rye toast.

3. Go organic. It’s the best choice to make when deciding what to eat for breakfast, even for lunch or dinner. Choosing organic has a lot of benefits, which is why a lot of people are shifting their eating habits by going organic. Eggs, vegetables, fruits; always choose organic than factory made.

enjoy a healthy breakfast4. Sweet tooth? You can still satisfy your cravings with sliced strawberries and non-fat yoghurt. Top it off with dark chocolate to make it more interesting. Don’t have your favorite jam each day or your favorite sugar coated bread.

5. Be creative and make a different sandwich. Choose multigrain bagels with low fat cheese, sliced mango, and flaxseeds. For your whole wheat toast, add lemon cream cheese, dill, smoked salmon, or turkey bacon. Use mustard mayo for a better taste.

6. Try international cuisine. If you’re bored of the usual Middle Eastern breakfast, why not try a different cuisine and incorporate it to your own? Try Japanese, or Greek, or Mexican.

7. Spoil yourself. Got a busy day ahead? Don’t rush yourself by eating a banana or drinking an orange juice. Indulge – go for a catered breakfast.