Speed Cooking: Top 10 Tips That Will Save You Time And Effort In The Kitchen


Jamie Oliver can do his 15-minute meals. The Food Network has its quick fix meals. Robert Rodriguez has his 10-minute cooking school episodes. Of course, cooking a three-course meal — in less than an hour — seems like child’s play when you’ve got years of experience in professional kitchens and when you’ve got resources (i.e., crazy fast food processors and fancy garlic pressers). And a 10-minute Mexican feast will be a cinch if you’re awesome, like Rodriguez.

But did you know you could actually fire up meals in half the time it would take? That’s right — you could create a feast like Jamie Oliver, put together meals like the Food Network, and even sizzle up a dish like Rodriguez without sweating. All you have to do is follow these tips that will save you time in the kitchen.

  1. Keep the cutting board still with a damp towel underneath. Safety first — and annoying, wiggling cutting board second. With a damp towel under the board, you can cut and chop non-stop.
  1. Put cherry tomatoes between lids — then slice. Like a ninja. You can slice several cherry tomatoes in one go by putting them in between two lids.
  1. Use the grater for mincing ingredients. Mince like there’s no tomorrow or like a pro with a grater. From gingers to onions, graters can be used beyond cheeses.
  1. Chop herbs with salt. Tired of leafy herbs flying every which way when you chop it? Add salt to the chopping board and it will keep the airborne herbs grounded, and you can chop without delay.
  1. Peel potatoes after boiling them. Peeling potatoes can be so tedious. So save time by boiling them, unpeeled. Then shock them in an ice bath and then the skin will simply slide right off.
  1. Add baking soda while sautéing onions. Chopped onions taking too long to caramelize and add flavor to your dish? Toss a pinch of baking soda and it will brown in half the time it used to take.
  1. Add oil to marinades. If you have no time to marinate food overnight, you can still seal in flavor by adding a bit of oil. Let sit for an hour and your food will have locked in those lovely seasonings and herbs.
  1. De-core an iceberg lettuce by smashing it. It’s quick and cathartic. Just slam the iceberg lettuce down on a cutting board and the core will easily come off.
  1. Roll lemons and limes under your palm.Juice lemons and limes in half the time with half the effort by rolling them first under your palm.
  1. Make pancake batter the night before and put it in a bottle.Lastly, to make a quick breakfast, prep the batter the night before. Put it inside a squeezable bottle. And then pour on the pan.

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